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Hahnemann Center, College, Clinic for Heilkunst

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In addition to Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of Heilkunst and homeopathy, there have been those other courageous physicians and researchers who have left the confines of the allopathic, orthodox medical model to follow the truth whereever it might take them. The following list is indicative, yet not exclusive, of the range of persons, therapies and associations that offer and are researching approaches to health more respectful of the whole person - spirit, soul, mind and body. These physicians and researchers, past and present, all form part of the integrated system of Western Medicine based on clear principles, grounded in natural and universal law, termed Heilkunst.

Nutrition & Regimen
Dr D'Adamo
Dr David Williams
Dr Weil
Dr. Royal Lee (Founder of Standard Process)
Dr Batmanghelidj
Dr Bernie Seigel
Dr Mesmer (Founder of mesmerism and Western energy work)
Dr Saumarez (Founder of dynamic physiology)
Dr Penoel (Aromatherapy)
Dr Jean Valnet (M.D. who pioneered the use of essential oils during the war)
Dr West
Dr Rowen
Dr Tilden

Cancer Therapies
Dr Chauchoua (search on his name)
Dr Burzynski
Dr R Hauser
Dr Julian Whitaker
Dr Dean Ornish
Dr Gerson
Dr Bass

Dr J. Lee
Dr C. Northrup

Other M.D
Dr Adams
Dr Chopra
Dr Ivker

Biologic Dentists & Info
Dr Gerald Smith
Talk International
Holistic Dental Association
Dental Disease Prevention and Resources
Dental Self-Sufficiency

Integrative Medicine Assoc.
American Wholistic Medicine Assoc.
American College for Advancement in Medicine
American Holistic Nurses Assoc.
American Holistic Health Assoc.
American Assoc. of Drugless Practitioners

Dr Sarno
Dr. Sutherland
Dr. Upledger

Dr. Weston Price, DDS
Dr. Royal Rife
Dr Gary Null
Dr. Enderlein
Herb Research Foundation
Harry Hoxsey
Rene Caisse, RN
Dr. Mercola
Chet Day's Health & Beyond