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Case Examples

The effectiveness of Heilkunst as applied to disease lies in its grounding in natural law and principles that are valid across the range of conditions and situations found in allopathic medicine (which are mostly descriptive rather than truly diagnostic of the cause). Thus, the understanding of the application of Heilkunst to any given condition or situation lies more in the principles of Heilkunst and how it is able to identify the underlying causes. A given condition, such as asthma, for example, can be caused by inherited factors, emotional traumas, or physical shocks (such as vaccinations, surgeries, concussions) or a combination of all of these. The key to treatment lies in the ability to correctly and systematically identify these causes, arrange them in the proper sequence and to apply the proper remedy to each cause.

However, there can be value in reading of actual cases to see how the various principles of Heilkunst are applied. While each case involves a particular condition or set of conditions, it is the application of principle that becomes important, as these are applied in all other conditions. The details of the case may vary, the name of the condition may vary, but the principles applied and the approach to treatment will be similar in each case.

Sam's Story: A Case Study using the Sequential Approach with a Child
by Patty Smith BScEd, FHCH, DVHH, DMH

Max: A Case of Veterinary Heilkunst
by Patty Smith BScEd, FHCH, DVHH, DMH