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International Heilkunst Association

The CIHA is dedicated to the development and promulgation of the principles of the dynamic system of thought, grounded in the approach to scientific knowledge of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and as been manifested in its therapeutic aspects in Heilkunst, the complete and true system of Western Medicine founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) and illuminated by the works of Wilhelm Reich and Rudolf Steiner, along with other contributors throughout history.

Students studying Heilkunst at an accredited institution are automatically granted membership upon payment of the required annual fee.

Graduates of Heilkunst are eligible to become practitioner members, with full rights, and agree to be bound by the Code of Ethics. In return, they are entitled, so long as they are members in good standing, to use the designation Doctor of Medical Heilkunst (DMH).

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The CIHA publishes a periodic journal, The Dynamis, which keeps members apprised of developments in Heilkunst around the world, the latest research and other items of interest, such as the Annual General Meeting and conference, usually held with the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst, which is accredited by the CIHA.

For more information, please contact the
President of the CIHA.

Portrait of Rudolf Steiner
Rudolf Steiner

Portrait of Dr. Wilhelm Reich
Wilhem Reich

The first and last thing required
of genius is the love of truth.

- Goethe
Portrait of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
Samuel Hahnemann

Portrait of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe