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Critic's Corner

We welcome all efforts to constructively analyse and cast a critical eye on the research that we have undertaken on the Dynamic System, in particular that relating to the works and legacy of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. We see such a constructive exchange as adding to our collective knowledge and of benefit to all those suffering from disease.

Where our critics have, however, sought to use presumption, emotion and unsubstantiated charges, we reserve the right to point this out for all to see, as such baseless caviling only adds to confusion and to the weakening of truth. This section contains various criticisms to date that have been leveled at our work, mainly Homeopathy Re-examind. Our replies to the comments made are contained in square brackets and in blue. Where a good point is made, we acknowledge it; where groundless assertions are put forward, we will point this out. We let you, the reader, decide where the truth lies.

On Pseudo-Classical Homoeopathy (pdf)
The Confusion over Classical Homeopathy: All is Not as It Seems

Critical Analysis of Previous Detailed Assessments of Dose and Potency
A close look at existing studies of the issue of dose and potency in homeopathy, showing the flaws, gaps and historical innaccuracies in the econdary teachings to date. For a comprehensive study of the original works of Samuel Hahnemann, see the article, Historical Development of Dose and Potency.

Ignorance, Fraud, and the Great Deception
Adapted from Larken Rose by Steven Decker

Review in Homeopathy International by Lois Hoffer
Review and comments

Much Ado About Little
This article, written by Rudi Verspoor, was first posted on the discussion group, lyghtforce.com in December 1999, in response to comments made by David Little.

Dual Remedy Prescribing
Little's arguments against dual remedy prescribing and a comparison of evidence provided.

Rebuttal to Julian Winston and Chris Kurz
by Rudi Verspoor and Steven Decker

Reply to John Lunstroth
by Rudi Verspoor and Steven Decker

Reply to John Lunstroth, Part 2
by Rudi Verspoor and Steven Decker

The Trial
by Rudi Verspoor (March 1998)

Allopathic Trojan Horse in Classical Homeopathy
An open letter to the homeopathic community in the light of recent threats of biological attacks.

Comments On "Trojan Horse"
Editorial comments by Dr. D.E. Mistry.

Hahnemann's Use of Dual Remedies: Reply to David Little
Comments addressing Little's arguments against dual remedy prescribing and a comparison of evidence provided.