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Deaths Due to Drugs



By Thomas Smith
December 23, 2002

The Journal of the American Medical Association recently reported that As many as 106,000 deaths occur annually in US hospitals due to adverse reactions to prescription drugs that are properly prescribed by physicians that use them as directed by the drug companies.

Even worse, the National Council for Patient Information and Education reported that an additional 125,000 deaths occur annually due to adverse reactions to drugs that the physician never should have prescribed. In these deaths the doctor did not follow the instructions on proper administrationof the drugs. For example, Glucophage, a diabetic oral hypoglycemic, should never be prescribed for patients with Kidney disease or Congestive Heart Failure because it can cause fatal Lactic Acidosis in these patients. A warning label is prominently placed on the medication container to warn of this potential misuse.

However, JAMA reported that almost 1/4 of the patients who had been prescribed Glucophage had Kidney damage or Congestive Heart failure or both.

The annual death toll from synthetic prescription drugs, both from the correctly prescribed and the incorrectly prescribed, amounts to about 231,000 deaths every year. To put this into perspective, this is the equivalent of a world trade center disaster every week for over a year and a half or the crash of two fully loaded 747 aircraft every day of the year.

No information was reported on the number of outpatient and doctor's office deaths caused by these very same drugs when prescribed by these very same doctors. The reported figures alone, however, make drug deaths caused by physicians the third leading cause of death in the US. It is far ahead of accidents, drunk driving, homicides, airline accidents, as well as all other disease with the sole exceptions of cancer and heart disease.

Many of these drugs responsible for the death statistics cited are diabetic drugs. None of these drugs cure or even were intended to cure diabetes. During the time a patient is on the drugs his body is suffering great damage due to the uncontrolled progress of the disease. This is in addition to the risk and damage caused by the drug itself.

According to Dr. Mendelsohn, author of "Confessions of a Medical Heretic", 2.4 million unnecessary operations are performed every year and they cost over 12,000 lives. When the records of six New York hospitals were examined it was found that 43% of the Hysterectomies that were performed were medically unnecessary. No one should ever submit to any surgical procedure without first obtaining several unrelated medical opinions, at least not here in the United States. Women are particularly vulnerable to this type of victimization.

Disease in America
...the top fifteen pharmaceutical companies, including such names as Abbot, Wyeth, Hoffman-La Roche, Merck and others, the second quarter revenue for 2002 was reported as $63,520.6 million and the corresponding reported income was 11,731.8 million respectively. This is second only to the defense industry in the United States...

The Cardiac surgeon, for example, does nothing whatsoever to cure Cardiac disease. Three to five percent of the heart surgery patients die on the operating table. Cardiac surgery provides no better three year survival rate than no treatment at all. A Harvard survival study of 200,000 patients revealed that the long term survival rate of patients subjected to surgery was no better than the survival rate of those that had no surgery...

Today the average medical doctor receives 3 hours or less training on nutrition despite the fact that our bodies are constructed entirely of what we eat and drink. Todays doctor receives much of his ongoing education from detail men. The detail man is the drug company salesman whose job it is to teach the doctor how to use the latest drugs.

Treatment instead of cure
Even with all of this history the medical doctor retained a great deal of his autonomy through the 1930's and into the late 1940's. In 1949 another major change took place in the medical community that set the stage for the disaster we see today. It was in 1949 that the medical community reorganized itself into the competing medical specialty groups we see today. Prior to 1949 a doctor was a doctor; he dealt with all disease and injury. After 1949 this was not so.

The reorganization established many of the specialties that we know today. It was then that the Cardiac Specialist, the Endocrinologist, the Hepatic and Biliary Specialist and many other professional specialty groups were formed. The symptoms of the then raging epidemic of Type II Diabetes were divided among the specialty groups so that each group had their own set of proprietary symptoms.

The story given out for the reorganization was that it would help to Focus more attention on the then current Diabetes epidemic. However, in practice it caused the entire medical community to treat their own proprietary symptom set and nobody focused on curing the disease anymore. This was the origin of the "treat the symptom" and "ignore the cause" philosophy that now dominates the entire medical community...

© 2002 Thomas Smith - All Rights Reserved

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