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General Articles on Heilkunst

Can't Decide?
by Patty Smith, FHCH, DVHH, BSEd

Long Live Homeopathy
by Patty Smith, FHCH, DVHH, BSEd

Heilkunst: Encyclopedia Entry
A great introduction; concise and very accurate description of the main principles and ideas of Heilkunst.

A Brief Biography of Samuel Hahnemann
by Peter Morrel

Homeopathy: Some Reflections
by Rudi Verspoor FHCH, RHom. (March 1998)

Hahnemann's Complete Medical System: An Overview

Homeopathy Online, Vol. 3
Discussion of the sequential and classical approaches to chronic disease with case studies (1996)

Townsend Letter for Doctors
A new approach to homeopathy for modern times (1993).

Article on Dr. Elmiger and Sequential Therapy (1993)

Montreal Talk
The Multi-dimensional World of Similarity: The Hidden Treasures of the Extended Organon (August 1997)