excerpt from:
"Rediscovering Real Medicine: The New Horizons of Homoeopathy, by Jean Elmiger, MD"
Review by Karen Wehrstein
Heilkunst 1.1, June 1999

I expected this to be a dry, technical read. It’s not; it’s a page-turner. Elmiger has a lively, engaging style, doesn’t hesitate to frequently smack "the faculty" (conventional medicine) upside the head for its ignorance of everything from the mundane (nutrition) to the esoteric (radiesthesia), and makes one knock-out point after another. Nowhere else, for instance, have I heard pharmaceutical companies compared to arms manufacturers; nor the decline of an entire society (France) blamed on a single mandatory vaccine (BCG). Elmiger is also one of the very few homeopaths or doctors brave enough to talk about personal success rates. The discussion of sequential therapy in practice is dotted with fascinating case studies. He is even willing to talk about the failures—mostly due, in his experience, either to poor diet, osteopathic lesions, cranial lesions or the patient getting too late a start on sequential therapy, in relation either to their age or the advancement of their disease, for it to do substantial good.

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