Published by the Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst
Editor: Patty Smith FHCH, DVHH, DHHP, RHom, BSEd.

Heil - "whole, heal, health, hale"
Kunst - "art, participative knowing"

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HEILKUNST IS A PERIODIC SCHOLARLY JOURNAL devoted to publishing papers on topics relevant to Hahnemann's art of healing/curing (Heilkunst) as set out in his "Extended Organon", whose centerpiece is the Organon der Heilkunst. This includes therapeutics using the homeopathic principle of similar resonance (likes cure likes) and the principle of opposite resonance (where it is appropriate), as well as other therapies not normally seen as part of homeopathy, all in accordance with Hahnemann's teachings.

The journal is open to all viewpoints, including those which might be considered heretical by some. It is also open to all levels of discourse, from strictly factual experimental results to free-wheeling analogical theory. We seek works which emphasize the science of health, and works which emphasize the art. Articles are not peer-reviewed, as we trust in our readers’ capability and responsibility to choose what in our content they accept as valid or useful.

Our purpose is to provide an English-language forum for the great amount of significant and fascinating work being done which follows Hahnemannian principles but is outside the confines of strictly unicist, symptomological ("classical") homeopathy. We founded this journal to serve those who are interested not only in homeopathy, but in the fully-integrated practice of Hahnemannian Heilkunst — the art of making whole.

This website is here to generate interest in the journal either in hard copy or electronic form. To give you a taste of Heilkunst, this website contains tables of contents with summaries of all issues to date. Purchase and display advertising details are also available.

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