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Hahnemann Center, College, Clinic for Heilkunst

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The Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst Trust

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The Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst is a federally-registered charity established for the preservation, generation and dissemination of knowledge about and access to the principles and practice of Heilkunst to:

  • the public
  • prospective practitioners of Heilkunst
  • patients and health-care advocacy groups
  • other health-care practitioners seeking more-effective treatment methods

It seeks to achieve its objectives through:

  • Research
  • Scholarships
  • Education and Training
  • Therapeutic Applications, such as a Community Clinic

The Trust does not receive any direct government funding, and donations from benefactors are an important means of funding for these activities. Donations can be made in a person's name and allocated to specific projects or purposes.

The HCH currently has the following programs/funds for financial assistance for students:

  • Dr. Samuel Hahnemann Scholarship Fund - for students starting their studies who are strongly committed and are in clear financial need.

  • Alumni Scholarship Fund - for students in their final year and for those wishing to benefit from a clinical externship in the year following graduation.

  • Mary Margaret Whitelaw Memorial Fund - to recognize significant voluntary contributions/achievements for the advancement of Heilkunst.

Please make a difference by supporting the HCH Trust. Choose the method of giving that works best for you. We are grateful to you for your support of our work.

Monthly Giving
Whether you can make a small or large contribution, the HCH needs your help to maintain its programs and develop the Medical Heilkunst practitioners of the future.

One-Time Gifts
Consider supporting the cause of Heilkunst and homeopathic medicine with a one-time gift to celebrate an important occasion, such as the birth of a child, an anniversary, or simply to show your commitment to support the need for complementary health care. The Trust would be proud to have you help our work to improve health and wholeness.

In Memoriam Gifts
Remember others with an In Memoriam gift. Your contribution will have a lasting impact on the lives of our students, ensuring that they will have the knowledge and expertise to serve their communities well.

Charitable tax receipts will be issued on request only, and only for Canadian donations of $20 or more.

For more information, Email Hahnemann Center Trust…