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Book Cover: Autism
Selected Issues in Homeopathy and Medicine

Those who have studied natural health in some form or other, or who have studied the more conventional approach to homeopathy (often termed "classical homeopathy"), may be interested in the articles on this page. For those just starting, you will likely find it more useful to start with the General Articles on Heilkunst.

Homeopathy for Headaches
Overview by Patty Smith, FHCH, DVHH, BSEd

Homeopathy and Immunization (pdf)
Information about the principled basis for the use of medicine for disease prevention in Hahnemann's Medical System.

The Chronic Miasms
Excerpt from the book, Autism: The Journey Back, Rediscovering the Self Through Heilkunst.

Disease Prevention and Homeopathy
Presentation to an international conference on homeopathy.

September 11, 2001
Audio files of a discussion.

Dose and Potency
A chapter from the new book by Rudi Verspoor and Steven Decker, The Dynamic Legacy: From Homeopathy to Heilkunst, setting out the basics of dose and potency. It should be read in close conjunction with The Historical Development of Dose and Potency.

Historical Development of Dose and Potency
The most comprehensive study to date of the issue of dose and potency, based on all of the available published material. Part of the new book by Rudi Verspoor and Steven Decker, The Dynamic Legacy: From Homeopathy to Heilkunst.

Hahnemann and the Natural Healing Power
Selected chapter from The Dynamic Legacy. Discusses Hahnemann's critique of the crude natural healing power in disease, the necessity of using medicine to cure and the role of cure versus healing (relating to the dual nature of the Living Power).

Homeopathy Re Examined - Beyond the Classical Paradigm
Review by Peter Morrell

"Proving" a Remedy in Treatment
Notes prepared by R. Verspoor (3 October 1997)

Homeopathic Prophylaxis
Coming soon!